Saturday, May 02, 2020

Valentine's fun

In the last few years, I have started collecting things to use as photo props and backgrounds to coincide with themes we are working on or holidays we are celebrating. It is fun, and the parents seem to enjoy having these little photoshoots of their children throughout the year. I have a private Facebook group for the families of my childcare kiddos where I post pictures throughout the week of things their children are working on, as well as just them playing together. This is also where I post the themed photoshoot pictures.

I do not do a whole lot for Valentine's Day, but I did set up the photoshoot area, did a sensory bin, and put out a couple of trays for working with their fine motor skills, the children painted with cookie cutters and made muffins for their families. I also try to do some fun with the children's food for a treat, like using shaped cookie cutters or containers for their food.

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