Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Almost a year without posting anything...and so much I want to share!

I have gotten way too accustomed to posting everything on my social media, the short version, a cute picture and a little bit of description with some attention seeking hashtags,  and even limiting a lot of my personal contact with people to messaging. It does work for me, because I am able to take care of whatever is going on in my home at the moment, such as child care kiddos, my Jeff, etc.  and come back and answer whomever I was "talking" with, or even respond to comments on my posts and everyone understands. But when I see my sweet almost 3 year old granddaughter take our house phone, which is literally a wireless landline phone, when her Mommy called, and held it out looking at it saying, "I can't see you Mommy" , I knew that not only am I truly a senior citizen, but I am losing touch with the basics.

When I started this blog, I mainly wanted to post about deals that I wanted to share with my friends, or deals we personally had gotten between couponing or just being at the right place at the right time, or about my growing family...Grandkids!  Then when I was given the opportunity to review items, I loved doing that here as well, or even sharing a good recipe. But I do not have any type of niche, or desire to have one actually. I would like to start posting again. Mainly because someday, my grandchildren might want to look back and see what a blog was, and what was their Grandma doing with one, lol.

I will end this post with an updated picture of my six Virginia grandchildren...and will follow up soon with pictures of ALL TEN of my grandchildren! 

To use a well known phrase that really fits with this picture, as in, how precious and sweet they appear in it, lol, "I am too blessed to be stressed" . 

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