Thursday, December 01, 2016

Organic Baby Body Wash by Era Organics #review

There are so many baby products out there, but you always worry that it might not be safe for your precious little one. My now adult children, both had contact dermatitis, so I could not try new things at all with them. Once we found something that did not cause a rash or irritation, we stuck with that. Thank God they both outgrew it. But now I see my daughter go through the struggle of what is or is not okay for her children. I sent her the link to the era organics honeybuns baby body wash on Amazon and showed her the ingredient list as well as the list of what it DOES NOT have:

She liked what she saw and wanted to try it with our fifteen month old granddaughter, Dallyse.  Apparently it worked great, did not cause any type of rash, or irritation. My daughter was happy with it and felt comfortable using it again and again. Here you can see how happy our Dallyse is after having it used on her...

And you can purchase yours here: era organics honeybuns baby body wash

Disclosure: I was provided a discount to purchase and use this, but all opinions are my own. 

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