Sunday, October 16, 2016

Daycare kiddos working on their balance with the yoga block by Ziloda #Review

I am constantly trying to find new and exciting ways to work with my in home childcare kiddos to get them ready for their next step in life. Being that they range in age from 2 years old up to 4 years old, I also have to find things that they can all do together even though they have very different skill levels. When I received this yoga block, I knew the children were going to have a blast working on their balance with it.

 I put it on the floor and just let them have at it. After each one of them had gotten a couple turns just standing on it, they started lifting one of their legs, holding their arms out and truly balancing.

The yoga block is soft, yet firm. It does not slip on the floor, and of course it has many more uses besides toddlers and preschoolers working on their balance. It helps with many difficult yoga moves as well as developing strength.

You can get yours here: Yoga Block by Ziloda

I was provided a discount to purchase, try out and to give my honest opinion of this product.  

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