Sunday, November 10, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster $18.00 (regularly $49.99)

I absolutely have to begin by saying, I do not, in any way, shape or form, believe that children should play with toy guns.  That being said,  I do feel that as long as you teach your children from the very beginning, a respect for any type of weapon, and make sure they realize that when they see someone getting shot on a video game or movie, that it is not like real life, then I can see it. Of course then you have hunting, and I personally know of one family in particular, that does hunt, and they raise their children with a true respect and knowledge of guns. 

I raised my children with no toy guns at all, not even squirt guns, they had alternative type toys to squirt water on each other. I do not have any type toy guns or toy weapons in my home childcare stuff.  But, again, it is just my personal preference to avoid that type of play.  My daughter and son in law have felt the same way, and have not provided our grandchildren with any type of toy weapons. Then tonight, my daughter and I are messaging on Facebook, discussing gifts for the children, and she shows me this link for a wonderful deal for my 8 & 1/2 year old grandson.  I go to the link, and it is a Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster!  I was completely shocked, to say the least.  So I asked her why it is okay now?  And she explained that they have taught him through the years the respect he needs to have for weapons, and he shows that he understands, and so they feel he would be able to play with an item like this, even with friends, and not misunderstand or think that its funny or cool to shoot someone with a gun. 

Now that I have disclosed how I have always felt, how I raised my children and still continue with my beliefs within my home childcare and with my grandchildren....this is an awesome deal!  Toys R Us online has the Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster, which is normally $49.99, on a Red Hot Deal right now for $18.00, AND their free promotional deal is that with the purchase of any Nerf Blaster, priced $9.99 or higher, you can also get Free Nerf Ammo ($6.99 value).  
So, if this is something that your child would love, go here Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster and add to cart, then go here Nerf Vortex Refills and add these to cart, and when you go to checkout, you will see that the "ammo" refills are free.  If you choose "In Store Pick Up" shipping will be free, but for me, that option was not available at my local store, so I had to pay shipping, which still keeps the price way under what the normal price for this item would be. 

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