Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I'm living a lie, the truth about my youngest granddaughter....

I love being a Grandma! And the response I get from my grandchildren is amazing. I do my best to get outside as they are pulling up to the house, just so I get to hear our 3 year old and almost 20 month old squeal and YELL as they get out of the vehicle. They run as fast as they can, while yelling "Grandmaw", and straight into my arms. Even the older two, who are 6 and 8, and whom we did not become a part of their lives until they were a few years old, still act all excited when they get to our house.  We have been blessed to be a full time part of our grandchildren's lives, and to have them live close to us.
With our almost 20 month old, being the second baby my daughter had, of course my daughter was more clingy with her, and kept her close. But it didn't take long before she became a part of our "fan club", lol. But, our newest granddaughter, Brylee, is being breastfed, and that is a whole new ballpark for us as grandparents. Now don't get me wrong, we are thrilled that it (breastfeeding) worked out for her. But, the downside, for us as grandparents is, she depends on mommy for everything, and knows the difference when we are holding her, instead of her mommy.  It even took time for her own daddy to be able to hold her for long periods of time.  So, though I have been able to hold her, and even watch her without mommy present for approximately 15 to 20 minutes, and continue to hold her after mommy got back, her siblings were present, so I guess that took care of her comfort zone temporarily.  But when mommy and she came up tonight, and I took her as I would my other grandbabies, within moments, her little face fell apart, and she got so upset, I have never, ever had that happen with any child.

The first picture is how she looks when looking at her mommy...the second, is AFTER mommy got her back from me, and calmed her down, and she is willing to look at me again without going berserk! But, I am a good Grandma, and MOM, and I remember when my daughter did not like being held by other people, and she would get so upset, and it would break my heart when they didn't immediately hand her back to me! So, I stayed at a distance, and kept talking to her, and letting her feel comfortable with the fact that I was not going to take her from her comfort zone, I just wanted her to talk to me and know that I love her. 

So, the title for this post, the lie I am living, is that while our granddaughter was here visiting, I took ten pictures, yet, the one I posted on facebook, telling everyone how she came for a late night visit to Grandma and Grandpa's house, is this picture:

This is the tenth picture I took, well after upsetting her, giving her back to mommy, and mommy making her feel safe and secure again, then me staying a good distance away, and talking to her.  She is such a precious little "elf" (my nickname for her), and it is fine that she needs her mommy full time right now. We will still get her into our "fan club" soon enough, just not as quickly as the others. 

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