Friday, October 04, 2013

Finding JOY in the Mom/Grandma Moments

I have to preface this with why I decided to start a regular post of "Finding Joy in the Mom/Grandma Moments".  I have an online friend, Beth, that back in July, posted on her Facebook page that she was going to choose to enjoy her children and savor moments. She even said we could feel free to unfriend her for 30 days if we didn't want a daily reminder of the fact that she loves being a mommy!

I will not be doing this daily, but will post randomly about those joyous moments that stand out in my mind.

My friend of 23 years was having a birthday party at her house for one of her grandchildren, and of course me and my daughter were going. Then we find out, that my son in law has to work, meaning, it was going to be me, my daughter and my 5 grandchildren, without my son in law.  I thought, no biggie.  I was wrong!  It was tiring, and crazy, though we had an awesome time. But, I do know now, that my son in law being present, makes a huge difference in the amount of work this grandma has to do to help keep up with the grandchildren.  I should also say, my daughter is breastfeeding our newest grandchild, who is 3 months old as of yesterday, and VERY into it, she would LOVE to be attached to her mommy 24/7,  so jumping up and running around is difficult for my daughter to do at the moment.
"D" and "K"
Grandma JOY moment: I am so thankful that our 2 oldest grandchildren are mature enough to get their own drinks and food, as well as going to each activity station without having to be carried, or chased after or under constant supervision.
"K" waiting for her face painting
"D" with his Batman facepainting and Batwings

The two of them would run up to us to tell us about something cool that happened, or show us what they had done, they were more than willing to help out with the "littles" when we asked, and actually, "K" took our 3 year old granddaughter to the game station, and the sand art table, multiple times.  "D" was enjoying his freedom, and the many activities as well as friends to interact with. 

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