Thursday, July 05, 2012

Our Private Selection® Taste of Summer feast! #imabzzagent

Let me start with, we are huge Kroger store customers. So when I was given this opportunity to focus on their Private Selection brand of products, I was super excited. We aren't new to the Private Selection a matter of fact, I have proof. When I was cleaning my two shelves of spices recently, I noticed these bottles, which by the way, were not a part of the promotion I was a part of, I just had them in my collection because obviously they were a good value, and I preferred them over leading brands.

Speaking of the promotion, I am a Bzzagent, and sometimes I receive  product samples, coupons, collateral or other special premiums from BzzAgent. Speaking of...because I was accepted into this promotion, I received coupons and products which are pictured below:

So, let's move on to how we sampled and enjoyed these Private Selection products....I have to be honest, I had to use the hamburger meat first, I generally buy a cheaper type of ground beef so I really wanted to see if there is a noticeable difference in getting the better type. Guess what, THERE IS! I made cheeseburgers, etc. for lunch one day, and I swear I believe I said silly things like "wow, yum, oh my" multiple times! I definitely understand now why people choose the  better type of ground beef, and I am on board with that frame of mind.

Again with my being honest, the Private Selection Denali Extreme Moose Tracks pint of ice cream was just calling to me, I HAD NO CHOICE, I couldn't wait to share it with others, I had to try it alone first...and I did. It is AMAZING, creamy, full of chocolate chunks, fudge bits, etc, all I know is it is my all time favorite ice cream now. I did share SOME of it, but I ate most of it....yeah, I am not feeling too guilty about it either!

Now we will move onto the Private Selection brand of chips. Well, the bzzkit came with a bag of Sea Salt and Black Pepper Kettle chips, so I proceeded to tell my children, and all of the kiddos who come to my home about them. Letting them know I wanted their true opinions. I was concerned about the younger kids trying them, problem, they loved them. Then, while waiting for our food to be cooked on the grill on Father's Day/my 47th birthday, my adult son, daughter and son in law had grabbed the remaining 1/2 of the decide for yourself, but I know they were loving it and pigging out!

And because it was my birthday, we had cake of course, but my son in extremely picky and it drives me crazy that we always have to find things to satisfy him and his...pickiness! LOL, I love him. Anyway, I was thrilled when I mentioned I still had some of the Private Selection Apple Pie if he wanted that instead of my cake, and he jumped on it....

Our next big get together was for the 4th of of course I had to pick up more of the Private Selection chips since everyone loved them so much! Each and every flavor and type that I purchased got high reviews from everyone!

All in all, besides the items that I was given the opportunity to try because of being a bzzagent, I have also found that the Private Selection deli cheeses and meats are amazing, as well as  quite a few other things that I have since found available in my local Kroger store. This has been a very enjoyable and tasty campaign for me, my family and my home childcare children!

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