Friday, June 22, 2012

This Grandma has slacked...not in real life though!

I feel so guilty, I was so about posting everything during my daughter's pregnancy with Lil Priss (Audryna), including every detail of the amazing baby shower all of our friends helped to make perfect. I posted pregnancy pictures, the shower, and constantly found ways to put that baby's face on my blog. Now, let me say, we are also blessed with two older grandchildren...but because of circumstances, I try to be careful about putting their faces and names out publicly...though I have now been given permission, and will start including them.

BUT...we have had another amazing blessing, I first called her Lil Squeakers, cause she did...squeaked, lol. But she also bubbles from the mouth , whatever, Squeakers/Bubbles, her name is Lexcyee Renee. She is so sweet, has been completely a momma's girl since birth. I will do a baby shower post, I will do a birth announcement post, but right now, I just want to share the way she now looks at me, because, those closest to us takes awhile for her to trust you, put up with you, and to actually have her smile at means you earned it!

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