Wednesday, June 06, 2012

End of year, Bus Driver Appreciation Gift

     I run a small home childcare, and though I don't take on school age children I do have 2 that I do watch because one of them I have had since he was 18 months old, and the other one, I  have her little sister full time. I also have a grandson in elementary school on the same bus route, because my daughter, son in law, and their 4 children live 30 seconds from my house!

     We have the BEST bus driver ever!  She is strict, yet caring. She is older and I love her so much because she "gets" me. There have been a couple occasions where a child wasn't on the bus that was getting off at my house, and she literally sat on her mobile system with the school and other bus drivers in front of my house for well over 15 minutes to locate the child.

     Well, I came up with a questionnaire for her to fill out so that we would know what her likes were, instead of giving her stuff that she doesn't need, doesn't want, and would be a waste of our time and money also. It says on the front: What does our bus driver like? And then inside, we asked these questions: Do you like candy? (she said yes). If yes, what kinds are your favorites? (she said Hershey's, chocolate of any kind). Do you like teas or coffees? ( she said yes). If yes, what flavors are your favorites? ( she said Regular coffee and Hazelnut) . Do you like plants? ( she said yes ). If yes, indoor or outdoor? ( she said outdoor, ferns and tulips ).  Do you collect anything ? ( she said yes, Willow Tree Angels ) .

     Ok, so before we gave her the questionnaire, we had already done Christmas,  just basic stuff that was cute and thoughtful, along with a tag that said "Thank you for keeping our children safe!" . Then for Easter, we did a huge plastic egg full of gourmet chocolate candy. Now its the end of the year... I really want to show our appreciation to her. So far, I picked up a tin of Maxwell House Cafe Hazelnut Coffee, and a bag of Pepperidge Farm Milano Melts cookies. I would LOVE any input you may have for other things to add that will put a smile on her face, and make her know, besides the fact that I tell her and show her every chance I get, that we truly appreciate her!

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