Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Thanks for the guest post by Eugene Fulton
My 6 year old blond haired baby girl was now old enough to play t-ball. I envisioned my days back on the field the smell of the fresh cut grass and the thuds of the ball hitting the glove. I soon volunteered to coach. In t-ball you mostly focus on the basics such as sportsmanship, looking professional, team bonding, and the basics of the game. As the season came to a near end my little team of six year olds had mastered the game of t-ball. I was planning on treating them with an awards ceremony at my house. I kept thinking and my little girl gave me the idea of having a sleepover I agreed. What was I going to do with fourteen six year olds? I got online and immediately started researching. I stumbled across I upgraded my package to one with many movie channels to choose from. We had a fun movie night after swimming all day. It was a treat to the end of a busy season.

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