Wednesday, July 20, 2011

If you're tired of hearing me brag about lil priss, don't read this....

It's one thing to be a mom that thinks her child or children are amazing, or advanced, and the same goes with being a grandma and grandpa that feel the same way...but, it is the BEST feeling in the world to have it confirmed by a pediatrician!

I know that we are constantly amazed at how fast Lil Priss is growing up and the things she learns daily. For example, for awhile now she has been giving kisses like this... "mmmmmmwah", then yesterday, when grandpa was leaving for the store, she puckers up and made the same kissing sound we would! A real kiss! She decided she is too old for a crib. Would NOT take her naps, or sleep through the night. Soooo, her mom and dad had to go get a toddler bed, a TODDLER BED. She is a baby! But, now she is taking her naps and sleeping through the night. Ok, so that is a bit of the things we see that give us those late night conversations about how awesome and cute she is....

At 31 & 1/4 inches tall, and 21 lbs, & 14 months on the 30th of July....the pediatrician has PROCLAIMED that Lil Priss not only is WAY MORE ADVANCED than other kids her age in her language skills, but also is extremely friendly and comfortable with new people (which is HUGE if you know my daughter at all) AND she is doing a lot of things she shouldn't be able to do yet, for example climbing (which drives me crazy), walking very well and running... and lots of other things. ( I seriously could list every single thing, but then that would be bragging, but believe me, if you ask....I will fill your ears with it!)

No matter how many ups and downs we have had the past couple years, all it takes is one smile, or for her to want something in our hand and she says "thaaaaaank yooooou" so we will give it to her..yep thats enough. I can make it another day.

I give all glory to GOD. I praise HIS name. With HIM all things are possible....even a freakazoid like me can grow up and be an awesome grandma!

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  1. She is ABSOLUTELY the cutest Lil Priss I have ever seen!! And I am not surprised she is so awesome...she has a pretty fantastic Gma to teach and instill in her some great quality traits!!