Tuesday, March 08, 2011


I am usually a very positive, upbeat person...usually.  Then LIFE happens, and as many times as I say that everything is fine, it will all work out, something else happens to continue to push me to the other side, the "negative - faithless - I can't handle this" side. So today I am yet again pushing and pulling myself to the side I belong on, the "positive - full of faith - I can handle ANYTHING" side.

Today is Gratitude Tuesday, or Grati-tuesday....and I am grateful, beyond grateful actually, for all that I have been blessed with:

First and foremost, a loving and forgiving God!
A wonderful family that sticks together through it all
Friends that amaze me constantly with their love and kindness
A home, heat, electric, clean water, food, working vehicles, cable is nice too
Oh, and INTERNET!!!!!

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