Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It touched my heart....

The other day in my mail I received an envelope from America's Disabled Veterans, where they send you a set of address labels and are asking for a donation. But also included was a bookmark with a prayer for luck that was submitted by a supporter. It touched my heart so much I just wanted to share....

If you think you can't,
You really must
In God and our soldiers,
Please keep the trust.
To keep us safe,
Day and night,
To stand in front
And faithfully fight.
In the name of freedom
And even love,
I pray for Grace
From the stars above.
That soon one day,
We can live in peace,
When fears subside,
World Wars will cease.
With hope shining
From my eyes,
I ask for gifts
With the bright sunrise.
May luck and joy be
With all who know
That what you reap,
Is what you sow.

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