Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My frugal man - Reaping what he sows

Its unbelievable to me the amount of work that goes into having vegetable gardens. Between getting the soil just right, handling all the watering without running my water bill out the roof and then keeping all kinds of bugs and animals away from the plants, its alot. But I am blessed that my Jeff loves it. We have 3 gardens and each one is doing great because of his hard work.
I like to think outside the box, well this year that is how certain issues from our past gardening experiences were handled.....

My Jeff used upside down tomato cages as rabbit deterrant, since I wouldn't let him handle the rabbits the way he wanted, lol.

In the past he ran a soaker hose throughout the area which actually got costly since where we live you not only pay for your water, but also your sewer, but this year to get the water to slowly seep in and down to the roots he put a few 1/8" holes in the bottom of these huge buckets and would put the water in and strategically set the buckets in a different place around each plant each time he watered.

I was so excited to start seeing tomatoes!

And finally, the beginning of the harvest....

I love my hardworking frugal man!



  1. Those yummy tomatoes!!! They wouldn't last on my vines until they got red because there is NOTHING like a fried green tomato.

  2. I am so jealous of your garden...ours is sucking and I am over it!! But so glad someones garden is doing well!!

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  4. wow, your garden looks great! I am visiting from the product review place, and I am now your newest follower :)