Friday, June 18, 2010

I love the way he loves me.....

Disclaimer: Before you proceed, be aware that this is going to be a lame post...just because I can.

Yesterday was a weird day for me. It was my 45th birthday, and though I decided it was okay to be 45, and I also decided to just enjoy whatever, let it be a good day no matter what, no expectations. Well, that was definitely put to the test... Lets start with, my mom (late 70's) called to remind me that I needed to come by soon to pick up the things she was giving me....ummm, thats all. I proceeded to say I couldn't that day after work cause I had plans...(you know, my freakin birthday!) but I would call her Friday after work and head over there. THEN, the DMV chose to mess with me, no, this year I couldn't go online and renew my license, I needed to come in and do the eye exam AND get the new stupid lame picture taken where you cannot show your teeth, smile, or anything! (If you know me, you know this is nearly impossible) Well, luckily, the two different ladies I had to deal with at the DMV were awesome, and joked around with me and loudly wished me Happy Birthday! OHHHH, funny side note, when the lady was going over my info, she said "So, are you still at 120lbs?" I almost choked, lol, I cracked up and said "you are sitting there looking at me with a straight face, are you kidding me? Try adding another 20 and lets go with that." She loved it! She said I made her day. Ok, not going into any more details, lets just say... certain people who didnt know it was my birthday, then found out, still went on to ask me for a huge favor which would change my entire day and routine today (cause obviously doing home daycare doesnt count as a job)  but my Jeff put a stop to all the crap and reminded me how awesome he is and how much he truly loves me..... take a look....

Him not knowing I am inside, and trying to sneak out to surprise me!

The cake he brought out to me while singing Happy Birthday to you, which, those who know me best, know I hate it as much as the wedding march song, cause both make me cry immediately!

This was in the package he wrapped...LOVIN IT!

This was in my card, cause I need clothes and he knows with my frugalness I can get a good amount of things for this amount of money. And the very best I saved for last.....
the card.... I am not into what most women are into, I don't want cut flowers, if you are going to give me flowers, make it a plant and preferrably perennial, cards, huge waste of money, make me one...unless you see one that seriously says what you know I want to hear, lol.

Yep, I love the way he loves me.

BONUS: The card my daughter made -

And not to mention, I had over an hour with my son outside listening to music together.... I love my family, and thank them for making 45 not suck so much!

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  1. I love that he loves you that much too!!! And he is such a sweetie to wrap the present!!! I am so glad your day ended on a good note!! You deserve it!!