Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cooking, precooking and freezing chicken & broth

Saturday was rainy and yucky.... hence a cooking kinda day. Knowing I wanted to make chicken and dumplings, I pulled out a family pack of 9 huge chicken thighs and 3 containers of previously frozen chicken broth, figuring the broth will thaw by the time I have boiled the chicken and let it cool.

After boiling, letting cool and straining the water out I proceeded to  (ewww I hate this part) seperate the good pieces of chicken from the skin and bones...seriously, YUCK! I ended up with enough chicken to do the chicken and dumplings - I have to make more than my home can eat so that I can share with my mom (in her late 70's) and my daughter's family (2 week old baby) - and still enough chicken left to put into a freezer bag for a future recipe on one of those days when you just don't have time or feel like starting from scratch.

Since I was using my frozen chicken broth I needed to replenish that supply so I put the broth from boiling the chicken into my large crockpot, pulled out my baggies of random pieces of veggies from previous endeavors (carrots, celery, cabbage, onion, broccoli) , added the bones and skin from the chicken and cover and put on low overnight. Then I will strain and freeze the most awesome chicken broth you can ever imagine! (Thank you to shoppingninja and 4dramamama for your recipe!)

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  1. Ugh, I need to make broth as well..I think I only have 6 cups left and in my house that is not alot. Thanks for the kick in the hiney to get it done!!