Friday, May 14, 2010

My daughters baby shower - our online friends - Part ONE

Having friends who help out and care about you is great (Niki) and I dont know how I would ever get through anything without them, but having friends that you have never met, and may never meet go out of their way to do whatever they can ....well, its AWESOME!

Day after day my online friends helped me, pushed me and got me through my daughters baby shower...literally. I can never thank them enough, but I wanted to share some pictures to show how truly wonderful they all are, and I will do a part two  post with more shower pictures.

All of the above items were sent by Lacy (aka navyfrugalista) from her stockpile, to help with the prize and thank you packages....

This colorful package is full of HANDMADE hair clips for Li'l Priss made by Michelle (aka Ga Peach), and the 3 photo frames are for ME!!!!

The 3 hats and pair of booties above were handmade by someone I have never even chatted with! Her name is Melissa, she is a friend of Brittany (aka shortmama) and she is VERY pregnant with twins!

These ladybug stamps were bought by Gail (aka Gma, shelbysgrandma, brookesgrandma) to be put on these invitations made by Brittany (aka shortmama) with some help from her sweet sister Taylor, and her mom addressed the envelopes because she has a beautiful handwriting....

and to see more pics of the invites and how she made them, check out her site HERE .

These adorable outfits and blankets were sent by Gail (aka Gma) as well as maternity clothes for my daughter and a mobile which she and Mr. Gma tediously took the animals off of so that I can have ladybugs made to put on it. Oh, and the burp pads in the upper right hand corner were MADE by her Mom!! As well as ....

this beautiful changing pad and wipes skirt!

Everything in the three pictures above, came from Gail (aka Gma)....and here is how the bedding looks set up:

And finally, to show you what all Brittany did, she made it easier for me, lol, she posted about it on her blog, so.... go HERE and be prepared to be amazed.

My life is very blessed, and I love my friends whether they are in "real life" or online and I have to say a very special thank you to the person who made it possible for me to have such amazing online friends, Crystal (aka TheThriftyMama), who provided a safe place for us to come to anytime we wanted and we were able to get to know each other, share each others lives, and learn from each other. I truly appreciate you TTM!

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  1. Lacy (navyfrugalista)May 15, 2010

    Is it lame that I totally teared up when I read this?? I totally LOVE you all and feel so blessed to have all of you- my special online gal pals in my life!!!