Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Freebies, coupons & samples

First, I love that my friend Ashley takes it very seriously to not post things that are much so, that she has signed up for things and waited to make sure they aren't. One of those things is on Facebook.

You can go here to sign up for free beauty samples, and they do come, because Ashley just received hers! Thanks Ashley!

Also you can get a free 4oz bottle of 4sleep & relaxation  + a $5 off coupon! You just need to subscribe to Genesis Today's newsletter.

This offer ends Friday, June 11, 2010 by midnight while supplies last. Product ships out 2-3 weeks after the promotion ends. By submitting this form you automatically subscribe to the blog.

Thanks again to Ashley of

Go here for a sample of Miracle skin transformer, you can choose from 2 different shades!

Go here and sign up for the American Apparel email newsletter and get a free thong! You will receive an email from them, click the link and you choose your size and give your shipping details.

Go here and scroll down and click where it says get your sample of Kraft Sandwich Shoppe Mayo. UPDATE: New link to get yet another sample of the Mayo here (thanks Good Deal Mama )

Go here for a sample of L'oreal Everstrong samples courtesy of Target!
 Thanks to Deal finding Chik for all of these fun freebies!

Here are the freebies I signed up for yesterday, and instead of posting, I emailed the info to my online go check them out and see if you can snag yours also!

Magnacare sunscreen (scroll down on page to see where to click)

NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Genesis Today Acai Berry - they send you a free product coupon

NO LONGER AVAILABLE - Tandoor Chef - they send you a coupon for a free entree

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