Saturday, May 29, 2010

Daughters baby shower Part 2

My daughter, at this very moment is timing her is her due date....YAY!
 I posted here about how my online friends came together and made her shower so wonderful. But have been requested to show more pictures and have gotten approval to show some of the "faces" of my "real life" friends and family who made it such a wonderful day.

My daugher, son in law and his children in the shirts Chels made for them all. (that is Audryna in my daughters belly!)

My son and his fiance, and him and the step grandchildren.

A FREEBIE shirt I had made online for Chels.

The letters Brittany made and here they are hanging up in the baby's nursery

My mom with me, Chels and the kiddos.

Upper left is my best friend in the world for 20 years now, NIKI, my newer friend Chassidy, and with the camera is our very own Brittany...these people pulled it all together for us, I love them!

We had one of the "bring a book for baby in place of a card" poems in the invitations, these are her books

These are the shoes I have gotten her so far... can someone remind me I am FRUGAL?!?!

AND I had told my Jeff it would be awesome if he could stop by for a few, and he did! YAY!

The shower was awesome, they got tons of wonderful presents, lots of their friends and family were there ( I chose not to post pictures of people that I didn't have verbal permission from) and I thank every single person that has been here for us, we are so blessed!

One last thing... here is a picture of Chels on Friday...I think its time for Audryna to make her appearance...don't you?


  1. Ohhh I am so glad you posted the rest of the pics!! Everything looks great!!! I hope the baby makes her appearance today!! But I know she will come when she is good and ready!!! But I still hope she comes today!!

  2. I love the pictures!! I really love the last picture. Chels looks really happy! I hope everything is going well as we speak. Hope to hear all about the good news soon!

  3. Oh, Cindi, the pictures are lovely!!! Chels is beautiful and your entire family is precious. I am away so I don't have access to the chat. I am eager to know if baby girl has been born yet!!!