Monday, April 12, 2010

bTrendie - the funky headband my Li'l priss will be getting for $1.94!!!!

Right now at bTrendie they have handmade feather headbands....Each headband comes on a 1.5" crocheted headband and is adorned with a vintage inspired gem. All feathers are top quality and each one is unique!

 They are $14.99 with $6.95 shipping and handling.  Go HERE and check them out, there are tons of other things available also...but I was dying to get this headband because when I joined bTrendie, you were given a $10 credit...then someone signed up using my referral link and purchased something, which gave me another $10 credit... so today I was able to get this extremely unique gift for my future granddaughter for only $1.94 !!!  Join today, and invite your friends so you can get $10 credit when they purchase anything!

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