Thursday, March 18, 2010

Food Lion - Kraft Cheese - Day 1

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to offend anyone, it is just a glimpse of my sarcastic humor.

I have to start with....REALLY???? The reason I am perplexed is that people sometimes just kill me. I know we are couponers...some may say to the extreme, lol, but seriously, I know for a fact that even before I learned about matching sales with coupons, etc. that if I were standing in front of a grocery item that I see is on sale, I AM POSITIVE I would notice the machine sticking out with a picture of said product and a money off amount on it. Well, I observed 3 people totally picking out the Kraft shredded cheese of their choice, even looking on the hang tag to be sure of the sale price, and not one even glanced at the coupon machine. So, when I stepped up for my turn at this beautiful selection of cheeses, and reached up to pull out the coupon from said machine...I was amazed at the treasure I had found, and astounded at what others were missing out on......

Come on people....are you telling me that there are actually consumers out there that don't WANT to get two bags of cheese for the price of one???? And that isn't gets way worse. For all of the people out there who are too busy, in a hurry, least pick up the sale flyer as you come into your grocery store, just glance at it...that is all I am asking...because if you just happen to go into your local Food Lion this week, you will see that Kraft Cheese is on sale for 2 for $5 (which is NOT a good price) but, if you purchase 5 of said cheeses, you will get $5.00 off your total bill. Now lets figure that out :
2 for $5.00 = $2.50 per cheese
Buy 5 at $2.50 = $12.50
$12.50 - $5.00 = $7.50
Which makes the cheese now $1.25 a piece....are you still with me?
Now, if that isn't enough to grab your attention....let's throw in one final thing....that coupon sticking out of the machine that you had to literally maneuver your hand around to get that specific flavor of shredded cheese you wanted....
So here is where we end up...
5 bags Kraft shredded cheese = $7.50
of course we now have to add in a 6th bag to take advantage of our treasure we have found...
6 bags minus 3 Buy one get one free coupons = 3 bags at $2.50 each = $7.50
$7.50 - $5.00 (food lion promotion) = $2.50, now hang on tight because this ends with a bang!
6 bags divided into $2.50 makes each bag right around 42 cents each!!!!!
Please tell me that in this economy, its totally worth taking the extra few moments to pick up your sale flyer, browse through, and even take a couple more seconds to notice a machine spitting out money off coupons right in front of one of the items listed in that flyer.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot that besides my frustration with the obvious, I thought I would share my quickie visit to my Food Lion last night.

6 bags Kraft shredded cheese
I pack Borden Singles Sensations
1 bottle Holland House Red Wine Vinegar
1 bottle Holland House Marsala Cooking Wine
1- 4 pack Scott toilet paper

Subtototal $27.25

Food Lion promotion -5.00
MVP savings -1.50
Coupons -15.97
Grand Total - Out of pocket $4.78



  1. Cindi - this is awesome! Thank you for posting the deal! I appreciate it when you tell me the Food Lion deals - they rock!

  2. Uhh whenever you feel like sending some of those blinkies my way I would much appreciate it!!! You are rockin the cheese deals!!

  3. GUESS WHAT, Cindi!?!?!?! Our Food Lion (only one of them) switched from bo/go coupons to $1.00 off 2 bags. That is not such a good deal! Thankfully the other Food Lion near us still carries the bo/go coupon.

    Just wanted to let you know!