Sunday, February 07, 2010

Happy 8th Anniversary to me and my Jeff!!!

I cant believe its been 8 years, and that we are where we are, and as HAPPY. I love him, our life and our family.

AND... Look what he got me, he knows me so well!!!

A digital camera, camera case and memory card.....YAY!!!
So once I figure it all out, my posts will have way better pictures, and, considering there are two set up manuals, its gonna be awhile, lol.

I should maybe feel guilty about my gift to him, 3 dvds (one John Wayne classics, The best of Bonanza, and the Best of The Little Rascals) , a mens manicure set, and dog tags with my picture and a personal message on the back .....YEP...all deals I found online, lol.

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