Monday, February 15, 2010

Easy ways to earn money and gift cards online!

I have learned from so many wonderful people online, ways to use my time wisely while on the computer. Not only do I match up store sales with coupons to get unbelievable savings on my groceries, but I also earn gift cards and cash, while I am on the computer anyway.

Our favorite way to earn gift cards is through Swagbucks . It is a search site just like google, etc. except, while you are searching you will randomly win Swagbucks  which can be used to buy gift cards and other things, me and my online friends use them for gift cards. There are also swagcodes throughout the week that you can enter into the code box on the home page for Swagbucks  , and like you see the links within this post, they are referral links, so that is another way to earn, get your friends and family to sign up through you, and when they earn, you will also, up to their first 1000. (Are my LINKS subliminally calling on you to sign up yet? LOL) The real point is, its easy, you are online anyway, so why not earn? I personally downloaded the toolbar and made Swagbucks my home page to make it easier to always search through them. OH, you get 30 Swagbucks for signing up also!

Another thing I do daily, is BeRuby and it takes 1 minute of my time daily. There are lots of ways to earn from them, but so far all I do is the "paid to visit" links. You sign in at BeRuby , click Advertisers at the top, then click "paid to visit" and the list comes up, there are 13 of them right now, so just add each of those to your BeRuby homepage, then each day, sign in, click and "X" out of each, and thats it, you are on your way to receiving $10, which is the payout amount. And if you are going to shop online, why not check out which stores are with BeRuby and earn while you shop? So....if you have a minute daily, go ahead and sign up here and start earning!

I also do a couple things that you have to get an invite to sign up, one of which, has gotten me many $10 Walmart gift cards (they have lots of store options available) so if you are interested in that, and believe me, if it werent easy, I wouldnt do it, then leave your email address in the comment section, which I moderate so it wont be public, only I will see it, and I will send you more info and invites!

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  1. Hi Cindi...I would love to earn some WalMart gift cards!

    Yesterday was my first day to start blogging and I found some giveaways along the way..which totally excited me. I am also following you...Have a great day!