Friday, February 19, 2010

3 yellow cinch top tote bags $13.99 shipped!

Large cyclinder storage compartment (10" Dia. X 18" H)

Two side pockets with flaps

Large zippered pocket

Adjustable shoulder strap

600-denier polyester canvas

The sale price for one right now is $7.99, so $13.99 for three is a great deal, well, plus the fact that I personally can see so many uses for these and the material they are made out of is tough and durable. One will definitely be filled with my portable first aid kit and other "just in case" items that I keep in the minivan. The other two, being added to the gift stockpile I have already, and when a gifting opportunity comes up, I will decide what goodies to fill them, go HERE and get yours now!

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