Thursday, January 14, 2010

How my adventure began!!!! Part One

Well, my first introduction to frugality, thriftiness, etc. began with my Jeff about 8 years ago...but,I didnt think it was cool at all... I thought he was just cheap, a tightwad, you know... lol, but luckily,I thought he was really HOTTT and I love him a lot and he did change our lives for the better. We had a lot of fun bargain shopping, looking for clearance deals, marked down groceries, going to yard sales, thrift stores, and his all time sales. But, the spring of 2009, I had started going online and looking at sites that showed grocery store deals...the weekly sales, and then they had coupon match-ups for those items. When I saw that first item that became free with the sale and coupon, that was it for me! I had to know more.

This is where my online friendships began....

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  1. You are one of my very best online friends EVER IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!