Tuesday, January 26, 2010

22 piece Black & Decker Jr. Construction Dress up set.... UPDATE

I posted HERE about an online deal for the 22 piece Black & Decker Jr. Construction dress up set for $4.17 with in store pick up. Well, my Jeff picked mine up yesterday (Monday) and its adorable! And I had mentioned that had I had the extra money in my online earnings account I would have gotten a few more. WELL, today (Tuesday) my Jeff calls me and asks how many more of those I wanted...of course I ask why, and he tells me he is at Lowe's and talking with someone he knows that works there and told his friend how I got that one for $4.17, yet the 4 left are still priced way higher.  Okay.... then he informs me that his friend said he would mark them down since that deal was posted online and I had already gotten one at that lower price!!!! I said, of course, I want all 4!!!!

 And I probably shouldn't post this next part but I am pretty positive that noone concerned will be reading this....
FIRST, I now have 5 of these, which is perfect considering that one day care kiddo, my future step grandson, and my Jeff's grandson all have birthdays in May, THEN the second daycare kiddo has his birthday in the Fall, Plus...I have a really cute tool bench and tools for my daycare, so the 5th one will most likely be added to that set.
Secondly...I have prided myself on the fact that I was able to do almost all of my Christmas gifting this past year without using any of my daycare income...WELL, considering that my Jeff got these and paid for these, and most likely wont bring it up....lol, they will all count as FREE gifts!!! That counts..doesnt it? LOL!!!

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