Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Polar Bear Day

The children had so much fun with our Arctic and Antarctic winter themes, I knew they would enjoy celebrating Polar Bear day. I greeted them at the door like this:

                       Purchased on Amazon and they are super snuggly!                           

I found a free printable at Every Star Is Different with a real picture of a Polar Bear that had P is for Polar Bear on it to hang at the entrance where the children could see it as they entered. Then I googled 'large bear paw print' and picked one, made several copies, laminated then hung one at the entrance for the children to High Five on their way past. I taped the others in a path across the floor for them to walk like a polar bear.

I set up some provocations on the shelves... National Geographic Kids Polar Bears, a couple polar bear figures, and a big paw stamper for the children to stamp in their journal. 

I had purchased the paw print years ago at Walmart and the other items from Amazon.

Giant dice from the $5 and under store, chunky dice from Dollar Tree, the polar bear figure from Amazon, and the tray at an estate sale score of 3 of them!

On the next shelf, I set up the polar bear tracks game with GIANT dice and chunky dice and a smaller polar bear figure that you roll the dice to get him to his home, the cave at the end. The printable for the game is from the preschool toolbox blog.

This fun transferring activity was another of their provocations. With pretend ice cubes, silicone ice trays, and cute tongs. 

The pretend ice cubes, trays and tongs were all purchased from Amazon, the tray from Dollar General 

This next tray with the super awesome do a dot  Polar Bear printable from Living Montessori Now can be used in so many ways. I had purchased a pack of tiny polar bear erasers from Amazon, so that is what I used, but you could use cotton balls, or dot markers, etc. 

       Tray and bowl from estate sales, and gator grabbers from Amazon     
I love using printables with real images, not clip art or cartoons whenever possible. So these adorable polar bear images from Every Star Is Different are perfect for setting up a matching invitation. I printed in black and white because my printer hates me right now, and I need to replace it, but the printables are even cuter in color.

Wooden tray from Amazon and part of a set

The children had so much fun with this theme, but I was super stoked to get their Read Across America/Dr. Seuss's birthday items set up by March 2nd!

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