Friday, November 11, 2016

My new obsession: Estate Sales

When I first started going to Estate Sales, I felt creepy. I mean, some of these sales are because the owners have passed away, or are being moved to a nursing home, and it bothered me to walk through their home, and rummage through their belongings. Then one day, I overheard a man and woman talking at an Estate Sale, about how the money from this sale was going to help so much with the cost of the care for their Mom. This made me realize that the true family heirlooms, and things that mattered to them, were not here with a price tag, they were selling things that none of them needed or wanted, and would be able to use the profits  towards their Moms' care. Now, every weekend we try to find at least one Estate Sale to go to, and see what type of treasures we can bring home and bring back to life.

This past weekend, we set a route to hit 4 sales! At the first one, it seemed pretty bleak for me, though my Jeff was loving the dirt basement/cellar and the stuff he found, which I still have no clue what all he got. But I did spot this awesome cooler in really great shape, the horseshoe, which I have always wanted one, and I grabbed the apples from a box of ornaments, and a couple bigger ones from a bowl of fake fruit to use with my daycare kiddos while we are working on the letter A. But still, I wasn't really excited.

The next place had a lot of expensive things, crystal, china, and tons of other things that I have absolutely no interest in...but it seems I have a sense about where to find these jars that I absolutely love! I noticed that in the kitchen, there was a door open that went into a tiny pantry/closet...and the door was WIDE open, so that means you can look there too, right? So when I saw these 3 glass jars just sitting on the shelf, alongside all kinds of pots and pans, cookbooks and I don't know what else, and though there were no price tags, I had to check. And obviously, they were for sale! I love them. And along the way, I found the brand new Pottery Barn basket with the tags still on it, and the 3 compartment snowman tin that the grandchildren are going to love opening up to see what goodies I have hidden inside this winter.

At the third sale, I was just walking around randomly as my Jeff was purchasing a few things he wanted, and while in the kitchen, I noticed these large plastic tongs which I knew would be perfect for the daycare kiddos fine motor skills practice with picking items up. And then right near them were the wooden bowls and trays that I had to have for when we finish the outdoor mud/sand kitchen for the kids. The leaf cutouts were in a box of coasters, but being that it is fall and we are working with leaves in the daycare...I grabbed them. While in line to pay for my items, I noticed the pinecones and pods in a basket nearby. These are the large pinecones that I remember seeing while me and my children, years ago, were in North Carolina visiting their Aunt and Uncle. And us living in Virginia, I have never seen them this size again, so I know the daycare children as well as the grandchildren will enjoy exploring these finds.

Yet again, I just did not feel that awesome feeling of excitement that I get when I feel that the things I have found are true treasures and I can't wait to get home to enjoy them, though I am happy with the items I found, and everything will be used and loved for a long time.

 But then there was the fourth was unbelievable! And there are so many treasures, with really cool stories behind them, that I will have to share that in another post. I am so happy that my Jeff got me started on going to Estate Sales as well as this being something fun that he and I get to enjoy doing together.

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