Thursday, October 17, 2013

DIY Halloween Monster Goody Bags for $5

When my daughter told me she was making monster goody bags for her husband's co-workers,  I honestly thought, REALLY?  But, being the mom that I am, I asked her to post a picture of them so I could see.  My daughter has always been crafty, whereas I am more the preschool kid type crafty.

Then my daughter posted this picture, and I truly fell in love with them!  They are adorable!

So, immediately my blogger brain said, "Wow, it would have been great had you taken step by step pictures so I could post it on my blog."   And of course, my daughter is wonderful, and she had enough of the materials left to do one more bag, and she took pictures for me!

All materials were purchased at Dollar Tree, meaning each item was $1.
Supplies needed:
1 pkg. Foam Sheets (She had to purchase 2 pkgs. because she made 26 goody bags)
1 pkg. Construction Paper
1 pkg. Pipe Cleaners
1 pkg. Paper Bags (you will see that she could only find the type with a design already printed  on it)

Take your paper bag, and fold down. Measure the folded flap, then the front area below the fold.  Now cut your foam pieces to fit each of these spaces.  Then take your construction paper, and cut out different pieces to make silly eye balls, as well as fangs, ears, a tongue, or any other type shape that would make your Monster the way you would want.  My daughter said she originally saw the idea online, but there were only two examples to go by, so, as you can see in the picture above, she came up with many different varieties of her own.  The pipe cleaners are to make antennae. You then glue the pieces on and fill with candy!

Our very excited, 3 year old granddaughter!

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