Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Cool jewelry deals for under $3 plus free shipping!

I haven't worn jewelry, or makeup for that matter, in years. It's not a religious thing, actually it has nothing to do with anything, other than I choose not to.  I was one of those people who couldn't even imagine allowing anyone to see me unless my hair was fixed, and makeup done, as well as being dressed in an outfit I loved, with shoes that I loved equally as much. I know for a fact, that at one point I owned 80 pairs of shoes.

The not wearing jewelry thing started when I had children, and as babies, they would pull on my necklace or earrings, or my jewelry would scratch them.  And I was not going to have that.  I still had a couple pieces that I wore for a while, but eventually, I just stopped, unless it was something soft, that could not hurt them in any way. The same with makeup.  I could not stand my babies to have dirty fingernails, and when I wore makeup, and with them on me constantly, I would see it was getting under their nails. So, I stopped wearing it. And now, I can't imagine glopping it on me. (I would have posted long ago pictures of me here, with makeup, and all the works, but, since my laptop blew, I don't have access to those pictures at this time...)

That doesn't mean I don't still look at  certain things, especially jewelry that looks natural to me, or would represent something I already love .  As in rope, hemp, crosses, hearts, etc. And I came across quite a few items on Amazon that if I did wear jewelry, I would definitely want these pieces. The shocker, they are each under $3, and with free shipping!

$2.52 + free shipping!
99 cents + free shipping!

$1.99 + free shipping!
97 cents + free shipping!

81 cents + free shipping!
$1.42 + free shipping!

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