Sunday, July 07, 2013

Things that make me rethink...

I have to admit, I love e-cards, posters, etc. You know, the things people post that have either funny, inspirational, or just straight up snarky things on them. And I am a culprit of driving my friends crazy with posting them constantly!

Well, this particular one, made me truly sit and think....and rethink, because it is speaking to me about my life, many aspects of it, but the one thing, actually, the 5 things that came to mind immediately were my grandchildren. In no way, shape or form, did I PLAN on not only my daughter meeting the man of her dreams at such a young age,  but that he would be a package deal. So, we became step-grandparents, and we rolled with the flow, so to speak. Then, the family started expanding, quickly, and as of right now, we are awaiting our 5th grandchild, and I cannot imagine our life without them.

Just like it says in the poster thing, we ARE  happier than we originally planned...and we KNOW it's God's Will.

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