Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Frugal Man - Food Lion Meat Deal

Anyone who knows my Jeff, KNOWS he loves a great deal.  Actually, he has been frugal far longer than I have been, and he was the first person to teach me the excitement of finding a great deal.

Well today while my daughter was at the OB being checked to see if she is actually in labor with our fifth grandchild, and I had my daycare kiddo Li'l Z, and my two baby granddaughters, my Jeff was running errands and just HAD to stop at his favorite Food Lion to see if there were any meat deals. And of course, I am using this opportunity to throw in  a couple of cute pictures of the kiddos playing today....

So, by the time my Jeff got back, my daughter was also here, so I totally have a witness that also heard him say, "this deal is so good, you have to take a picture", it was hysterical, because I am constantly taking pictures of great deals I have gotten, and he is always making fun of me!  So, here is the picture, and everything that is included is listed below.....
2 pkgs. Cubed Steak, 2 pkgs. Beef Tips, 1 Flat Iron Steak, 1 pkg. Beef Country Style Ribs, 2 pkgs. Top Sirloin Steak, 5 pkgs. Top Round Steak, 1 pkg. Bottom Round Steak, 5 pkgs. New York Strip Steak,  an 8.84 lb. Smoked Pork Picnic, a 7.06 lb. Perdue Roaster Chicken, 6 bags of Sausage Balls, and a 12.24 lb. Oven Ready Whole Turkey, total cost, $104.00!
Yep....I consider THAT an AWESOME DEAL!!!

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