Saturday, August 18, 2012

My secret mailbox full of #freebies!

First let me say, I do not sign up for every freebie or sample...if it is not something I can use personally, or within my home childcare or give to someone I know...I will not sign up. That being said, lol, here are pictures of the past two months of mailbox freebies I have received.... and when you see a package but cannot see what is in it, its because sometimes I receive products to try out and the companies require that I not disclose info about the products, which I don't mind, cause they also pay me to try them out! For example, I have tried 3 products and been paid a total of $46 for doing so.  If you are is a sign up link, .

Now, check out my secret obsession!

After searching all over my picture folders to compile these pictures that I took the past two months, because obviously my memory card or laptop think its funny to not put my pictures where they belong...I realized that I should also explain that certain items in the two above pictures, I actually have two other pictures of other products, which are missing in action, but my point was that I am also a member of another site that sends me free products to try and also to share with I wanted to give the link to that one also in case anyone who actually reads this post can have the same awesome opportunities as me!


    Yes, I am obsessed, because I love trying new products for free, and I love being able to share with my friends and family. 

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