Sunday, March 20, 2011

The $50 challenge, deal #5 !!

Update: Right after posting about this deal, I went to Medco to check on the status of my order...lo and behold, it had been cancelled. Now, of course everyone hates when a deal doesn't work out, BUT we all have to remember, "if it seems too good to be true...."  and move on to the next deal, cause there is always another deal out there. So, my total is back up to $38.10 and I am sure you will see me posting about some other fabulous deal soon!

At the beginning of February I took on a $50 challenge, and so far have done 4 deals, which you can check out here #1, here #2 and here #3 & #4 leaving a balance of $38.10.  So its onto the 5th deal...

Medco had a deal online for their Nexxus Lavish Body Volumizing Spray Gel @ 99 cents each. Shipping @ 99 cents. Sounds good, right? Well, to make it even better, it said buy 3 Nexxus products, get $3 off your order, hmmmm, so, what happens if you buy 3 of the Nexxus Spray Gels priced at 99 cents? Check it out!

3  -   Nexxus Lavish Body Volumizing Spray Gel - 8 fl oz   $0.00

3 at $0.00
Medco Health Store Subtotal: $ 0.00 
Medco Health Store Shipping : $ 0.99
Tax: $ 0.00
Total: $ 0.99
Total Savings: $ 35.97

Thats right, a total of 99 cents for 3 Nexxus Lavish Body Volumizing Spray Gels! Leaving my $50 Challenge total at $37.11, I amaze myself, lol.

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