Thursday, March 03, 2011

The $50 Challenge - Deal #2

I didn't realize, when I was given this $50 challenge, how very differently and selectively I would look at deals. I know a good deal, but this challenge has made me really think hard about whether its a "good" deal, or an "awesome" deal.  So, I have not jumped the way I usually would when deals pop up. This next deal though, had an added bonus in it for me, so I jumped.

Groupon, a daily deal site, was offering 3 Redbox DVD rentals for $1, which is a savings of $2. Now that isn't amazing, but my Jeff and I do like watching a good movie together, and truly, you cant beat 3 rentals for $1. But thats not all! The deal was posted on the Swagbucks  site, and if you bought it through their link, you also received 80 swagbucks ! Now THAT is a great deal, a double decker deal in my book.

So, my balance as of deal #1 , was $47.05, now I am at $46.05, plus 80 swagbucks. Bring the deals on!!!!

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