Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Look what I can do!

Well, since my Gma hasnt been posting here, there are LOTS of things I can do now...but lets start with how I get my Gma and Grandpa to laugh out loud, every single time I do this....
 I kill them with my HUGE GOOFY smile!
And see those mandarin oranges...well since my Grandpa taught me this...

I no longer EAT the mandarin oranges, I just suck all that yummy juice out! (my mommy is not impressed)

I am now an official reviewer on my Gma's blog, and my first job was this ladybug costume I wore for Halloween:

Pretty cute if I do say so myself!
I love to play standing up, which makes Gma a nervous wreck...

and after worrying everyone because I CHOSE not to crawl (which is what my doctor told my mommy), I finally decided I would give in and show them all what I got...

so there ya go... and of course there are lots more things I can do, I am sure my awesome Gma will share more now that she is blogging again.



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  3. Oh Cindi, she's such a doll! Look at those teeth! Where has the time gone!? Thanks for posting pictures!!!