Monday, August 16, 2010

The Pear Harvest

Our pear tree is a semi dwarf variety, actually all of our fruit trees are semi dwarf. So, not only does the actual tree not get as huge as a regular one, neither does the fruit.

But, that doesn't change the flavor in any way....they are sweet and delicious! Now in reality, I was waiting to harvest them for a bit longer as they weren't quite ripe...then we had a huge storm and at least half fell off so I had no choice but to grab them up.

And then I started looking up ways to preserve them and recipes, and found out its actually better to pick them and let them ripen off the tree! So, I told my Jeff and he went out with his ladder and picked the rest for me (cause he is sweet like that, and probably assumes I will fall and get hurt if I climb his ladder, lol) . So, now I have a bunch of pears, and need to figure out the best way to preserve them to use later.

If anyone actually reads any tips, ideas?