Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Peach Tree Experiment....

Insert Bob The Builder Tune here.... "Can we fix it?"

Hopefully we can. Well, as I am working on preserving, freezing, etc. our plum harvest, I have been anxiously watching the progress of our Peach tree.

Now, as I was proudly taking this picture, thinking "wow, those peaches are pretty heavy since that one side is really hanging low", I started realizing something may be wrong. With a closer examination, I found this:

And right before this picture was taken, hopefully noone heard me wailing out loud, "NOOOOOO!", I tend to be a bit dramatic. So all I could do was wait for my Jeff to get home from work, and let him assess the situation.

First he made this to take the weight off of the limb.

He then sealed it with "Tree Seal"

And if you notice on the label, not only does it aid in healing of woody plants and trees, it also seals planters, gutters and ASPHALT! We both thought that was funny. But, if this works, I will totally be contacting the makers of this product to thank them. Ok, next to help keep the "wound" shut, my Jeff put on these hose clamps.

So now its just a matter of time, we will see if we will still have a peach harvest, or not. (The main peach growth is on the limbs that connect to this limb.)

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