Monday, June 14, 2010

Featured Brag - GMA's drugstore deals!

Our friend Gail (aka shelbysgrandma, brookesgrandma, GMA) was thrilled with her recent drug store deals and provided me with a picture and the breakdown to share with you all......

well don't really know the original prices of all stuff

but here goes

Deal #1 CVS
Prilosec on sale 24.99
Pampers on sale 8.98
Gillette ProGlide on sale 9.97
Zephyhills water on sale 3 for $3
Huggies on clearance 4.49

used 10 off $50 CVS coupon
$3 off Prilosec
$4 off Gillette razor
$1.50 off Pampers
$2.50 off Huggies
sub-totaled right around $51 (forgot to write it down)
Paid 31.66
also received 2 $5 ECB = $10 ECB
and at the bottom of receipt a surprise $5 off $15 coupon

Deal #2
Triple Paste "tub or jar" 16 oz regular price 29.99 clearance 7.49

Deal #3
went to another CVS looking for the Triple Paste - the counter was not labled with clearance but I scanned them and YEP on clearance so I bought 2
and the CVS unscented cloth wipes were also on clearance when scanned - the pkg had 2x72 wipes so 144 for 1.32
so I got 2 Triple Paste tubs for 7.49 = 14.98
and 3 of the wipes for $1.32 = 3.96
total 18.94
minus the 5 off $15 coupon
plus tax

Deal 4
Pampers sensitive wipes on sale 2 for $5
got them free
had 3 rr
and $2 off coupon
just paid tax $.30

Way to go GMA!!!

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