Thursday, June 17, 2010

The best birthday present ever!

For some reason, the number 45 is bugging me...never before has a birthday gotten to me, at all. Not even the big 4 0 . But, every time I say it, 45 is just not getting it, lol. One thing I noticed yesterday, when I fill out survey type questions and they ask the age group I am group ended with 44, which means as of today, I have to check the next age group....also,  I don't FEEL like I am halfway to 50. This may all sound weird to anyone reading it, but I thought by now I would BE my age....and I am not sure what BEING 45 is, but its not ME!

Moving on from the whinefest, I opened my email today and was so thrilled to receive this from my daughters cell phone:

Ok, I'll deal with 45, as long as it means I get to have this precious li'l priss in my life. I love you Chelsea, and thank you for blessing me with this perfect angel.