Monday, May 24, 2010

First grandchild....wanna guess what her weight will be?

Well, Chelsea is due to have my first grandchild the 29th of this month...right now she is at doctor being checked .... I am waiting for her to call me and let me know what is going on, so to help me calm down, lol, I thought it would be fun to have you guys guess what the baby will weigh. Chels is huge now!

So, just leave a comment with your guess, and be sure to include your email address (comments are moderated so noone will see your info except me)  so that when she is born, I can contact you and let you know that you were right, and what you have won!

OH! I will post the guesses here as they come in, so everyone can see the ones that have been chosen already.

8lbs  2oz - Brittany
7lbs 4oz - ShoppingFrugal
8lbs 9oz - Jeremy (the baby daddy, lol)
7lbs 2oz - Jamee
7lbs 13oz - Navyfrugalista
8lbs 5oz - GMA
8lbs 0oz - miamimommysavings
7lbs 14oz - mgush
8lbs 0oz - Ga Peach
8lbs 3oz - Lisadynae
9lbs 3oz - Lana (she actually guessed 6lbs 9oz, but then saw the picture of Chels in my last post! LOL!)
8lbs 6oz - Susie
7lbs 8oz - Barbara (Chelsea's MIL)

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