Monday, May 10, 2010

The baby shower - starting at the end - the HUGE THANK YOU!

I will be posting about the different aspects of how my daughter's baby shower worked out... between my online community of friends, my in person friends, and my extended family that all pulled together and made it one of the happiest days of my daughters life. But, today ... I feel the first post I need to do is to say THANK YOU.

Number one - for the physical labor, covering what I forgot, didn't think of and just totally freaked out about... thank you to Niki (my in person friend of 20 years) , Chassidy (Niki's friend who is now a good friend of mine also), and Brittany (aka shortmama, my online friend and now in person friend) . These three ladies not only helped out with what I asked them to do, but took over and put this thing together and made it everything I wanted it to be for my daughter and her husband. I love you guys for being so strong, and for accepting my weaknesses and still being my friend.

Number two - for putting up with my venting, giving suggestions and helping me to make all the lists, and trying to get me to do things in a timely manner (this is very difficult to do) and for sending things, making things ...I could go on and on... thank you to my online community of friends - Brittany (aka shortmama), Gail (aka brookesgrandma, shelbysgrandma, GMA), Michelle (aka Ga Peach), Lacy (Navyfrugalista), Susie, Ashley (aka shopping frugal) , Lisa (aka lisadynae) , Robbie (aka robbieluvsbrad, robbieluvscoupons), and Anah (aka shoppingninja). You guys are the absolute best!

And finally, to my family and extended family... ex in-laws, old friends (Krista and her son), my son and his fiance, my mom, my ex husbands step daughter (Hailey), my neighbors daughter and her boyfriend and to my son in laws mom and step mom...thank you so much for coming and sharing in the happiest time of our lives.

I can't wait to share the pictures of how it all came together and how so many people stepped up and made my daughter smile.


  1. Cindi,

    Your post was very sweet and heartfelt. I am so glad the shower was wonderful! You have worked so hard and what a blessing for your daughter and her husband! I can't wait to see pictures!!! Don't delay...okay, sorry about that, you know I don't have much patience.

    God bless you!

  2. I can't wait for pictures!!

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