Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Food Lion - my most recent deal

Last week I was able to get in on the Food Lion Buy More Save More deal....which was Buy 3 Get 20% off, Buy 4 Get 30% off, Buy 5 Get 50% off (limit 1 per transaction) of the participating products. And obviously from above picture you can see Quilted Northern was amongst said products!
Price $3.99
Deal: buy 5 ($19.95) less 50% off = $9.98
I did 2 transactions to stock up.
THEN there is this mail in rebate HERE for $5 when you buy $20 of Georgia Pacific products! I have not read the fine print on it, so I will either be getting back $5 once, or maybe even twice if you are allowed more than one rebate.  Which means I will have paid approximately $14.96 for 60 rolls of toilet paper, and if they accept a second rebate it will be $9.96 for the 60 rolls !!!!!

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  1. Cindi - I didn't read this deal! Woo-hoo! Good for you! Is it over? I LOVE when you post Food Lion deals.