Thursday, March 04, 2010

Featured Recipe of the week ....who is my first guest blogger?

Okay guys, we are constantly sharing ideas and recipes, and Ga Peach thought it would be great if we had a place here to put our recipes that we share...and I totally agree, so...I need my first taker. Who wants to provide the first recipe????  If more than one person volunteers, I will just use the random generator to choose, cause who cares, lol, you know each one will be done no matter what. Actually since it was Ga Peach's idea I would love for her to do it first, but she is not feeling well, and please remember her in your prayers.....Love ya lady!!!

Okay my comments are set to private, which means they only get seen if I let them, and I don't when its stuff like this. So if you want to volunteer, leave a comment. We will have many categories and I want you all to share.

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