Thursday, March 11, 2010

Featured Brag - Gma's Target Deal

Our friend Gma will be the first to tell you...she LOVES her Target Sticker lady! She even admits to stalking her, lol. Gma knows what day they will be marking things down, and you better believe she is THERE.
See all the red stickers in the picture???
So, the breakdown of Gma's awesome Target deal:

Boppy Pillow w/Slipcover    
Original price $49.99   Gma's price  $12.48
Embroidered Boa Blanket
Original price $12.99   Gma's price $3.24
Fitted Crib Sheet
Original price $8.99   Gma's price  $2.24
Crib Dust Ruffle
Original price $17.99   Gma's price $4.48
3 Swaddling Blankets
Original price $10.99   Gma's price $2.74
3 Bodysuits
Original price $7.99   Gma's price $1.98
3 pc. Crib Bedding Set
Original price $69.99   Gma's price $17.48
Total Original price $178.93
Gma's out of pocket price......
$44.64 !!!!!
Can you believe that?

So...if you happen to be in Target, and you see a really nice lady following the sticker lady around....go say Hi to our friend GMA!!!!!


  1. I love it!! Those are some smoking deals!!! Nice job gma!!

  2. GO GMA! That is awesome! So, tell me, which baby is this for?

    I love me some Target right along with you!

  3. All this stuff is for a special preggo friend that love ladybugs!
    It's her 1st baby and it's a girl.