Monday, February 15, 2010

Wanna see what I just bought for FREE?????

Okay, I keep trying to get you guys to GET IT!!! Swagbucks is one of the ways that I am able to get stuff online for free, with very little effort.  Let me show you what I just ordered for my Li'l Priss (Chelsea and Jeremy's baby girl that is due the end of May or so...LOL)

Yep!!! Adorable right? And if you are like my Jeff, you may be saying, "how many hats does she need?" And my answer to that is..."One for every day, for every outfit." End of conversation, especially since I paid ZERO out of pocket, I used my earnings from gift cards that I received from doing SWAGBUCKS!!!

Hey, dont tell Chels or show her, I am supposed to be surprising her at the shower with this stuff!!!!

If you want more info about Swagbucks or anything else I do, please ask can comment and leave your email address and it is safe, I have to approve comments before they show up, and I won't if you have put your email in it, cause I am like you, I dont want my info out there either.

OH!!! And thank you Ashley for the heads up on the awesome baby deals tonight!!!!

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  1. They are so cute ! And you're right, mommies love to buy all things for their daughters, and what make yours better is that it's for free! Thanks for sharing the information!