Friday, February 05, 2010

S.W. Va. snow storm & my Kroger deals....

With quite a few days of notice, it was really pretty silly of me to wait to the night before the upcoming storm to do more of the mega deals....especially since I ended up having to use the self checkout and then handing over 34 coupons to the cashier in charge (though only 32 were scanned). So, here are my purchases.....and items with no brand listed, means its Kroger brand...

(1) Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers (filler item to hit the buy 10 get $5 off)
(5) I Cant Believe Its Not Butter sticks
(2) Kraft Cheese singles
(1) Post Raisin Bran
(1) Franks Wing Sauce (Yep, we shall be having wings for the Superbowl...oh yeah, its our 8 year anniversary too!)
(4) cans Rotel Tomatoes
(4) cans Hunts diced tomatoes
(14) jars La Victoria Salsa
(8) boxes Nabisco crackers
(2) loaves bread
(1) sandwich buns
(1) jumbo sandwich buns
(1) hot dog buns
(1) Frozen fries
(1) Frozen hash browns
(1) Sunny D Smoothie
(1) Cole Slaw
(1) mayonnaise
(1) sauerkraut
(3) cans Starkist all white tuna
(3) pouches Starkist albacore tuna
(1) International Delight Creamer
(1) large can coffee
(1) large bottle ketchup
(1) roll sausage
(1) Betty Crocker pouch potatoes
(1) No Yolk noodles
(1) medium can ground black pepper
(5) Right Guard Deodorant
(1) Lady Speed Stick
(1) bag navel oranges
(4) 2 ltr. Diet Citrus Drop soda
(1) honeydew
(1) bag organic white grapes
(4) apples

Total cost                                  $183.80
Mega Event savings                     20.00
Kroger Plus savings                     44.45
Mfg. coupon savings                    63.04

Total out of pocket                     $56.31
That is a savings of 70% !!!!!

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