Monday, January 25, 2010

My Kroger Mega Event shopping DAY 1

First let me say, I dont know whether its luck, or I am truly blessed, but the cashiers at my favorite Kroger are amazing! Before I put my deals for Sunday, let me preface with....I went at 9:45 pm, to avoid causing any type of problem with needing to do multiple transactions and knowing that at this time, they will be getting ready to restock and straighten shelves, so my taking multiples of certain items would not affect other shoppers. Also, I checked with my cashier about doing multiple transactions before unloading my groceries and I let her know that if anyone got behind me, I would go back around and get back in line to continue rather than make anyone wait. (It just so happens that the young girls mom is also a cashier and she let me know it was no problem, that she would take customers in the next lane while I was completing my transactions ....thanks ladies!)

Oh, and the Mega Event is buy 10 participating products, get $5 off your order AND Sunday was the last day for the Kraft catalina deal (buy 5 participating Kraft products, get back a $5 off your next order catalina).

Transaction 1:
    5 Kraft Cheese @ $1.49 each =$7.45
    1 Finish D/W detergent @ $3.49 each = $3.49
    4 I Cant Believe Its Not Butter sticks @ $1.49 each = $5.96
subtotal $16.90
Mega Event savings -5.00
Coupons -8.50
Total w/tax $3.78
 (Got back $5 off your next order catalina)

Transaction 2:
    5 Kraft Cheese @ $1.49 each = $7.45
    5 Krusteaz Muffin & cake mixes @ $1.99 each = $9.95
subtotal $17.40
Mega Event savings -5.00
Coupons -5.00
Kraft Catalina -5.00
Total w/tax $2.65
(Got back $5 off your next order catalina)

Transaction 3:
     Exactly the same as Transaction 2                    
Total w/tax  $2.65
      (Got back $5 off your next order catalina)
Transaction 4:
     5 Kraft Cheese @ $1.49 each = $7.45
     5 Finish D/W Detergent @ $3.49 each = $17.45
subtotal        $24.90
Mega Event savings  -5.00
Coupons  -12.50
Kraft Catalina  -5.00
Total w/tax    $3.33
      (Got back $5 off your next order catalina)                                 
Transaction 5:
     Exactly the same as Transaction 4              
Total w/tax   $3.33
      (Got back $5 off your next order catalina)
Transaction 6:
     6 bags fresh spinach (clearanced) @ .05 each = .30
     Kroger Steak Fries @ $2.29 each = $2.29
     Kroger hot dog buns @ .88 each = .88
     Kroger Honey dinner rolls (YUMMY) @ $1.00 each = $1.00
     Kroger coffee @ $1.89 each = $1.89
     Large bunch of bananas @ .49/lb = $1.68
subtotal       $8.04
Kraft Catalina  -5.00
Total w/tax  $3.24

Grand Total   $18.98

And to top it off, besides the wonderful cashiers, and great conversation with them, it was pouring rain  when I was done and another cashier whom I love and has also taken care of me during my couponing....handed me her umbrella, stood with my buggy and told me to go get my minivan and pull up under the roof in front so I could load up without getting wet AND she stood with the umbrella over me so the drips from the roof wouldn't hit me.....NOW THAT IS ABOVE AND BEYOND!

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  1. It sounds like you got some excellent deals!!!! I sure wish we had a Kroger that was close!!!! NICE JOB!!!